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M3W JUNGFRAU Treffen Grindelwald + Switzerland

A special meeting for all Morgan 3 Wheeler (M3W) drivers and their passengers. Drive down with your M3W to one of the most beautiful spots in Switzerland and meet other enthusiastic M3W owners from all over Europe.
Join the festivities which will be specially organised for M3W drivers and their passengers!

A few activities during this marvellous week:
“Concourse “d’Elegance” No need to specify this activity. A beautiful tour through the most scenic roads around the Jungfrau area. Meet and speak with the technicians who are specialised in the M3W. Talk with other owners who made their M3W look extra special. Make new friends. Join the M3W dinner on Saturday night with Swiss cuisine specialties.

For all participants there will be very special M3W Jungfrau Treffen badge available. Morgan 3 Wheeler goodies will be for sale. The organisers will be helpful with finding a good hotel location in Grindelwald.

All activities are free of charge.
The only cost will be your hotel and the M3W dinner. We will have guarded parking facilities during the day, and generally hotels will have a parking garage. If you would like to extend your stay in this beautiful part of Switzerland we will be helpful with tips such as touring routes, hotels, restaurants etc.
For UK M3W owners: Please do bear in mind that there are several: ”car/train” services available for transporting you and your